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District Art Show

Congratulations to Mrs. Berry and our art students who brought home prizes from the District Art Show! The show occurs each spring, and five thousand works of art are displayed from every school site. Each art teacher may also submit two works of art per grade level for the Levit Prize, a juried show with limited entries. Our school winners are:

Bianca Kolb, 8th, 1st place, Native American bowl
Amber Altenah, 7th, 1st place, blue bowl with Mexican decor
Aiyani Williams, 7th, 3rd place, blue bowl with polka dots

Several pieces are also selected by the Superintendent’s Designee to be framed and hung at the Education Service Center for one year. Congrats to 8th grader, Jose Jaramillo, whose painting was chosen this year! 

US History

The 8th grade US History classes are currently studying the Civil War -- the major causes, key events, important battles, and the lasting consequences. 

Check out these illustrations!

Earthquake Machine

The SWAT Team (Students Working with Advanced Technology) built an earthquake machine today for the science department. The 8th grade science classes will be using the earth shaker in a future project. They will be constructing models of earthquake safe buildings and then using the earth shaker to test the safety of their constructions. 

Stay tuned for more information!

7th Grade Science Lab

Our seventh grade science students are studying the Law of Conservation of Mass. They measured the mass of water and the mass of Alka Seltzer tablets before and after combining them to determine whether the mass would increase, decrease, or stay the same. They also experimented with both an open and closed system to see if there was a difference in the chemical reaction. 

Find a seventh grader and ask them to explain what they learned!

Legislative Breakfast

Memorial Junior High was host to the annual Tulsa Public Schools Legislative Breakfast on Thursday, January 12th. The Tulsa School Board, Superintendent Gist, and a number of Senators and Representatives from the State of Oklahoma were in attendance. These educators and legislators meet every year to discuss the vision and mission of Tulsa Public Schools. This year, they also heard from a number of our students and faculty about the success of the INCharge program and how we are personalizing learning for each of our students. Thank you to Dr. Gist for selecting our school for this amazing opportunity! And thank you to our staff and students for doing such an outstanding job!

Pep Assembly

The Memorial Charger student body celebrated the end of the basketball season with a pep assembly on Tuesday, January 10th. The Student Council kept the show running, both the Girls and Boys basketball teams were recognized, several students participated in a Minute to Win It game for extra recess time, and the cheer squad performed their upcoming competitive routine. A big thank you to the students who participated on stage, and thanks to all of our students for showing such great school spirit! Charge Up, Memorial!

Thank you, Walmart!

Many thanks to the Walmart on 81st Street for donating backpacks to our students. We were able to fill them with school supplies so that our students will be off and running for the second semester. They were super excited to receive this generous gift, and couldn't wait to show them off. Thank you, Walmart! We appreciate the gift!

Supporting our Community

The Student Council and the National Junior Honor Society teamed up to create party favors for the residents of the Parks Edge and Ambassador Manor nursing homes. The students used scrapbooking paper and mini pom poms to create tiny party hats for the serving trays in the cafeteria. Each hat also included a printed wish for a Happy New Year! Thanks to these great kids for supporting our Tulsa neighbors!

Hour of Codeā„¢
In celebration of Computer Science Education Week, our whole school learned to code! The Hour of Code™ is a global movement to encourage every student to try to use computer coding for just an hour. Computer science teaches problem-solving skills, logic, and creativity, and by starting early, students will have the foundation they need for success in any 21st-century career path. Go to to learn more.

Our students coded during ECAM on Monday, December 5th. We watched a video that showed how celebrities like Chris Bosh and Ashton Kutcher, even President Obama, were practicing lines of code, we learned how computer programming is used in movie-making, and then we used Blockly to code BB-8 from Star Wars and Moana from the new Disney movie! We learned a lot and had a ton of fun. #INCharge


The Memorial Junior High Cheerleaders won first place at the American Cheer Power Patriotic Open on Saturday, November 19th! They received no deductions and were praised for their stunt and jumps by the judges. Great job girls!

Student Showcase

ARRRRRRE you ready for your future? Our students are! If you missed it on Thursday, November 11th, the band played, our Gateway tech students flew their quadcopters, and the art classes had paintings on display and stop-motion animations playing on their iPads. We had several pirate-themed games and crafts going on throughout the building, and lots of books for sale in the book fair. Thank you to all the students and teachers who participated, and to everyone who came out for the evening. We had a great time!  

Summit Workshop

Our staff met with the Summit Basecamp Team on Saturday, October 29th, at the Wilson Teaching and Learning Center. We learned more about Personalized Learning and how to help our students be successful using the INCharge platform. If you would like to hear more about personalized learning, come to Coffee with the Principal on Thursday, November 10th, from 8-9 am, or check out the Summit Basecamp website.

Hack to School

Mr. Dumas, the SWAT technology team, and our first hour 7th grade science class got to participate in PC Magazine’s Hack to School program on Wednesday, October 26th. The three-part, Facebook Live video series began with basic coding concepts using NetLogo software and a LEGO Mindstorms robot. 

Congratulations to Lilly Willard who asked a question about coding languages that was answered on air! 

Go to the PC Mag Facebook page to learn more.

Starting School with Summit
Personalized learning helps teachers customize instruction — and empowers students to become self-directed learners. That’s why we’re excited to participate in @Summit Basecamp, a diverse partnership of schools bringing personalized learning to more classrooms. Learn more about Summit Basecamp here:
Downtown Tulsa Field Trip

Our Student Council members recently read the book Tulsa Burning by Anna Myers, researched the Tulsa Race Riots, and then created social justice projects in response to what they had learned. On Thursday, March 24th, they went to the Greenwood Cultural Center to learn more about Tulsa history, and then they walked the labyrinth at the John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park. After lunch, they created social justice art at Hardesty Arts. What a great day of learning! 

Thank you to Mrs. Vaughn for organizing this event, to Explore Downtown Tulsa for providing transportation, and to White Flag for serving lunch while we were downtown. Charge Up, STEMorial!

TU Engineering Open House

The University of Tulsa College of Engineering and Natural Sciences hosted a Middle School Open House on March 3rd. The College had experiments and demonstrations geared toward getting middle school students interested in careers in engineering and science. The following departments were represented: Biological Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Geosciences, Petroleum Engineering, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Engineering Physics. The students had passports that could be stamped at each table. What a fun and educational trip! Charge Up! STEMorial!

Oklahoma Women in STEM

The Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance sponsored a field trip to the Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum for a number of our 7th and 8th grade girls. Representatives from Oklahoma Women in STEM discussed the many realms of STEM that are incorporated in the Tulsa Zoo: Bio-medical, Biology, Engineering, Finance, Conservation, and Research! The girls learned a ton about STEM and zoological science. Charge Up! STEMorial!

OSU Design Challenge

Every February, OSU-Tulsa hosts the Engineering Design Challenge to promote science and creativity during National Engineering Week. Led by OSU-Tulsa engineering faculty, the challenge provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn the basic principles of engineering design, problem-solving and teamwork in an environment that is fun and rewarding. This year, the following students will be attending: Diego Pulido, Bryce Caldwell, Taison Proctor, Juan Gandara, Samantha Branscum, Madison Hall, Camara Latham, Warner Ramsey, Roman Salay and Allysa VanDeman. Charge Up! STEMorial!

Chargers Got Talent

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Chargers Got Talent! It was a huge success and all of the students and parents in attendance enjoyed the show. We had singers, dancers, musicians, and a couple of talented MCs. What a great performance! A special thanks to Mrs. Cheek and Ms. Sengupta for organizing this event. Charge up! STEMorial!

Seaperch Underwater Robots

Mr. Clemmer, Mr. Kamara, and the Memorial Circuit Breakers competed in the Seaperch underwater robot competition on Saturday, January 30th, at the Jenks Aquatic Center. We had two teams competing in three different events: the underwater obstacle course, retrieval of swim toys, and speed. Congratulations to Bryce Caldwell, Juan Gandara, Amira Pickett, Diego Pulido, Victor Torres, Allysa Van Deman, and Jasmine Wells for their efforts building and manuevering their robots. Charge Up! STEMorial!

Tulsa Tech Field Trip
Several groups of our 8th graders visited the Tulsa Tech Riverside Campus this past week. Riverside is the hub of the Tulsa Aviation Education Alliance, a partnership that includes Tulsa Tech, Tulsa Community College, and Oklahoma State University. There are many opportunities at Tulsa Tech that give students the chance to go straight to work or on to college. Some of the programs they offer are for careers where employers are struggling to find enough people to fill the jobs available. Our students learned how Tulsa Tech can help them find and prepare for the best career! Charge Up, STEMorial!
Academic Bowl

Congratulations to Mr. Sullivan and the Academic Bowl team. They finished their season 6-2 with an exciting win over Edison. They will compete in the championship tournament later this spring. Charge Up, STEMorial!

Andrew Carpenter
Justin Donwerth
Braeden Espy
Tyler Freeman
Jessica Harrison
Camara Latham
Daniell Lewis
Dominick Martinez
Warner Ramsey
Allysa Van Deman

Winter Concert

The band and choir presented their Winter Concert this Thursday, performing once for the 8th grade and again for the 7th. The band performed Frosty the Snowman (by the advanced band), Fanfare March, Up on the Housetop, and Achievement. After a brief intermission for a stage reset, the choir sang Season’s Greetings, A La Nanita Nana, Christmas in the Islands, and Singabahambayo. A big congratulations to Persis Phelps, Kaycee Godinez, and Michaela Moffatt who sang solos and to Bailey Davis, Zen Bustamante, Nataly Chavez, Temi Ladapo, Corrina McGuirk, and Samuel Algea who added percussion to several of the songs. What a wonderful celebration! Charge up, STEAMorial!

Hour of Code

How many lines can you code?!  The Hour of Code is a global movement to encourage every student to try an Hour of Code in celebration of Computer Science Education Week. Computer science teaches problem-solving skills, logic, and creativity, and by starting early, students will have the foundation they need for success in any 21st-century career path. Go to to learn more.

Our students coded both online and off this week. We learned how to “program” our robotic friends to stack cups in various patterns, we figured out how to code intricate patterns on graph paper, we programmed the solar system to orbit the sun, and we coded a game based on the new Star Wars movie! We learned a lot and had a ton of fun. Charge Up, STEMorial!

7th Grade Museum Field Trip

After learning about the Holocaust, all of our seventh graders toured the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art. This trip was the annual arts experience sponsored by Any Given Child. AGC is an arts initiative supported by The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., Tulsa Public Schools, The City of Tulsa, The Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa, and many other arts organizations around town. Our students were able to view a special exhibit about propaganda that was on display from the National Holocaust Memorial Museum, and to contribute to the Kinder Stone Project that honors the children who died during the Holocaust. What a great learning experience! 

Academic Team
Congratulations to Mr. Sullivan and our Academic Team who won three out of four matches on Monday, November 30th, including a close loss to Carver Middle School. Way to represent our school! Charge Up, STEMorial!
Dominick Martinez
Jessica Harrison
Danielle Lewis
Braeden Espy
Warner Ramsey
Camara Latham
Allysa Van Deman
Tyler Freeman
Justin Donwerth 

Fine Arts Night
Thank you to everyone who came out for the Fine Arts Night on November 10th! The band played well, we enjoyed the reader's theater, and lots of kids wrote poems, made snowflakes, and got to watch the 3D printer at work. A special thanks goes out to Mrs. Berry and the art classes who created the great stuffed monster dolls to decorate the book fair. And congratulations to Mason Lawrence who won the book giveaway at the book fair!
Charger Pep Rally

Student Council sponsored a Pep Rally on Wednesday, October 28th, to recognize all of the athletes who have been involved in volleyball, football, and cheerleading. The choir sang the national anthem, the band played a fight song, and the cheerleaders taught everyone a new chant to cheer at the football games. Thanks to Ms. Vaughn, our student council sponsor, to Ms. Cheek, our band and choir director, to all the student council reps who helped lead the rally, and to all of our wonderful students who showed such great school pride. Charge Up!

25 Book Campaign

Congratulations to all of those students who read six books before Fall Break. They are all on track to read at least twenty-five books by the end of the school year. To reward them for their efforts, these students got to have twenty minutes extra recess on Thursday, October 22nd. It was a beautiful day, and the students enjoyed the extra time outside. The next goal is twelve books before we leave for the winter break. Those students will have a jeans day on the last day of the semester. Charge up!

Reading Buddies

Mr. Schroeder's 5th block reading class has teamed up with the first grade teachers at Salk Elementary to become reading buddies for their classes. During their first visit, our MJH students chose their favorite children's books to read to the class. They practiced during Mr. Schroeder's class and then walked over on Friday afternoon to buddy up and read to Ms. Jones' first graders. If they finished their books earlier than everyone else, the first graders got to read their library books too! Next up -- addition facts with Ms. Horath's class! Stay tuned for updates from this awesome collaboration. 

Gateway To Technology
In our Gateway to Technology class, students study the history and development of automation and robotics, and then apply what they learn to design, build, and program real-world machines, like a robotic car! Braeden Espy built the frame, Rochione Sanford found the big wheels, Fernando Medina worked on the chain and the gears, and Cresean Foster designed the motor works. Congratulations to this group of builders. Charge Up, STEMorial! 
Garden Work Day

Thank you to all the teachers, students, and volunteers who came out to the Byrd Memorial Tree Garden on Sunday afternoon, September 13th.  A special thanks to the members of National Junior Honor Society and to the volunteers from Asbury United Methodist Church who helped trim trees, pull weeds, plant flower beds, and re-work the pond area.  The garden and grounds look beautiful!

Paper Helicopters

This week’s STEM activity was a Paper Helicopter Challenge.  Students watched a video about how to fly a helicopter – how the pilot has to control not only forward and backward motion, but also up and down and side to side flight. They also learned about how the propellers create lift. Then they were given several sets of paper in different weights, three paper clips, rulers, and scissors.  It was up to each team to work through the design process to see which paper worked the best for helicopter flight.  Congratulations to all of those students who built paper helicopters that would actually fly! Charge Up, STEMorial!

The Tallest Tower

The Tallest Tower Engineering Challenge was this week’s STEM activity. Students watched several videos about skyscrapers and how they are made. Then they were given 10 pipe cleaners, 10 straws, and 10 paper clips and instructed to build the tallest tower they could in 30 minutes! The tower had to be free-standing and it had to be constructed on top of a desk or another flat surface. Our students worked through the Design Process, sketching out their designs and re-evaluating their towers throughout the process. Congratulations to all of those groups who built the Tallest Towers! Charge Up! 

STEM Name Tags

Our first STEM activity of the 2015-2016 school year took place in the science classrooms. Every student made a name tag with moving parts! Each name tag had to be able to stand by itself and be large enough to be seen from four meters away. The students could choose from card stock, pipe cleaners, paper fasteners, and craft sticks as they planned their designs. They also utilized the Design Process to plan, test, and evaluate their creations before sharing them with the class. Thank you to Mr. Dumas, Ms. Rose, and Mrs. Turner for planning this first STEM lesson. Go Chargers!

Pop Bottle Rocket Launch a Huge Success

After weeks of preparation, our students launched their pop bottle rockets on May 18 and 19. The students constructed the rockets in their science classes, using nose cones that Mr. Clemmer created with our 3D printer and adjusting different variables like the number of fins. They also studied properties of aerodynamics and the forces of flight – gravity, lift, thrust, and drag. The students made predictions about how high they thought their rocket would fly based on how much water was added to the pop bottle, and then analyzed the relationship between the amount of water added and the height the rocket traveled. Some of our rockets flew over 100 feet! Thanks to Mr. Clemmer, the science department, the elective team, and all of our teachers and students for making this a great day of learning! 

7th Graders Place Third

Mr. Kamara's 7th grade Robotics team competed at the Cardboard & Duck Tape Boat Regatta on Friday, May 8th, at Miller Swim School. The competition was organized by the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance. Our team took 3rd place in boat design. Must be all those black and yellow stripes! Congratulations Chargers!

7th Graders visit the Airport

Some of our 7th grade students visited the Tulsa International Airport on May 13. They toured the airport fire station where students were able to see the massive fire trucks used in case of an airport emergency. Also included was a visit to the Southwest ticket counter, a presentation by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a Southwest gate with the arrival of a Southwest airplane. The students were able to watch the baggage handlers unload luggage and then follow the luggage from the ground to the baggage claim carousel. In the airport classroom, the students roll-played different types of airport jobs, sat in simulated airline seats, and watched a video on aviation jobs available in Tulsa. It was a wonderful field-trip that many students will remember for years.

Congratulations to our Reading Millionaires

Congratulations to all the students who read and recorded their 25 books during this school year. These students got to celebrate with an ice cream sunday party and they received some great book prizes, including several Nook eReaders thanks to a generous donation. Aiyanna won the lucky chance to shave Mr. Bornn's head, and Lester gave Mr. Schroeder a Mohawk for his summer haircut. Congratulations to all of these students. We're proud of you! Keep on Reading!

Circuit Breakers team up with the Tulsa Children's Museum
The Circuit Breakers worked together with Tulsa Children's Museum to create one of three exhibits with activities that develop engineering and problem-solving skills in children age 3-12. The 5,000 square foot area features three Challenge Labs, including the tower-building lab designed by the Circuit Breakers.
Eighth Graders head out to the HelmZar Ropes Course

Due to the rain that kept coming down in May, one of our groups of 8th graders ended up at the HelmZar Challenge Ropes Course instead of kayaking.  The ropes course consists of a specifically designed series of ropes, cables, steel, and types of logs that combine in such a way to simulate challenges that might be encountered a natural setting. At the course, our students participated in games and activities that encourage team building, communication, problem-solving, and trust.  What a great day!

Mrs. Bartlett visits Memorial Junior High
First Lady Victoria Bartlett visited both Memorial Junior High and Memorial High School on Wednesday, April 1st, 2015. The Circuit Breaker robotics team showed Mrs. Bartlett how to operate Stanley, the underwater Seaperch robot, and Mr. Clemmer gave a demonstration of the 3D printer. Thanks to the Tulsa Area Stem Alliance for making the visit possible. You can see photos of the visit on the TulsaStem tumblr web page.  
Mrs. Berry receives screen printing grant

On February 18, board members from the Betty Bradstreet Foundation visited Memorial Junior High to witness students in action. Mrs. Berry applied for and received a grant for materials to do screen printing with her students in the art room. Pictured: Valeria Rangel, Alexus Trester, Adriana Farrell, and Courtney Thornton. Pictures taken by Dick Standish of the Betty Bradstreet Foundation. 

The Circuit Breakers team up with the Tulsa Children's Museum
In April 2015, the Tulsa Children's Museum will open Team Up, a collaborative exhibit with activities that develop engineering and problem-solving skills in children age 3-12. The 5,000 square foot exhibit will feature three Challenge Labs -- one of these Challenge labs will be designed and presented by our own MJH Robotics team! visits Mr. Lowry's classes
Thank you to Kim Ward, Kemp Ward, and Jim Stewart for showing our 7th graders just how important water is in our daily lives. They had races to see who could fill a can the fastest and experiments to feel how heavy the cans are to carry -- some African women and children have to carry them over 2 miles total each day! They also measured how many cups of water it takes to wash your hands, calculated how many times they need to wash their hands per day, multiplied that times how many people live in their house, and determined the amount of water they would need each day. Many teams discovered they would need to carry 4 - 7 cans full of water per day, just for washing hands! A big thanks to the folks from for this valuable lesson. 
Circuit Breakers Place First
Congratulations to Mr. Clemmer and the Circuit Breakers for placing first in the SeaPerch underwater robotics competition on January 31st! Watch Mr. Clemmer, Sophia Filart, and Chase Parker show Rich Lenz how to maneuver their robot Stanley on the KOTV morning show. We are also proud of Mr. Kamara and our other two robotics teams for taking part in this great competition!


The Circuit Breakers also met Governor Mary Fallin when she and PSO President Stuart Solomon announced the Credit Counts grant on February 9th. This five-year, $3 million grant will help Tulsa Public Schools students obtain college credits for coursework in science, technology, engineering and math — or STEM — fields. Read more on the Tulsa World website.  

Poetry Cafe

Thank you to all the parents who stopped by for the Poetry Café during the last week before break. The 8th grade students worked hard to write their own original poetry and they had a great time sharing it with their parents, teachers, and friends. The students wrote ballads, free verse, found poems, concrete poems, tanka, haiku, and epitaphs. Thank you to Ms. McCane, Mr. Schroeder, and Ms. Siana for sponsoring the event.

White Cane Awareness
To help our students become more aware of White Cane laws, several visitors came and talked with our 7th graders about using a white cane to navigate the world. They also answered questions about guide dogs and how they help a blind person travel more safely and confidently. The most important thing our students learned about the white cane laws and guide dogs is that they help those with vision loss go where they want, whenever they want, just like everyone else!   
Fine Arts Night

Thank you to everyone who participated, volunteered, and attended the Fine Arts Night on November 13th. There were students on hand who played their instruments, read a reader's theater, and showed off their US History and Geography projects. A special thanks goes out to Mrs. Berry and the art classes who created decorations for the book fair. And congratulations to Michelle Bautista and Chloe Eades who won the free books at the book fair!

Math Jeopardy

The seventh grade math teachers, Mrs. Leach and Mrs. Salay, brought their classes together for a head to head matchup during the Early Release Day, Friday, November 7th. The students competed against each other by correctly solving equations and answering questions from their latest unit.  Thanks to all of our parents and volunteers who helped this day run smoothly. What a great way to review!

NSU Robotics Academy
Professor Barbara Fuller and a team of robotics students from NSU worked with our seventh graders on Tuesday, November 4th. The students rotated through several different stations that focused on problem solving and critical thinking. In one session they had to drive a robot through an obstacle course, in another they had to figure out why a robot was not working correctly. Throughout the morning Professor Fuller encouraged the students to respect one another, to communicate with each other, and to work together. 
First Lego League Robotics Competition

Congratulations to the Circuit Breakers who placed third at the FLL robotics competition on Saturday, November 8th, at Memorial High School.  FLL is the largest robotics competition in the world. Students from grades 3-8 use programmable LEGOs to create robots and then score points by completing missions at the event. In addition to the robots, student teams select a research question and present their findings at the competition. 

Congratulations to Mr. Clemmer and his team! Demekan Arnwine, Nicholas Cryer, Sophia Filart, Kyra Hartley, Hawm Mang, Osaze McCurley, Chase Parker, Amira Pickett, JJ Poitier, Tiason Proctor, Patrick Stolfa, and Adam Tang.  To see photos from the event, go to the TPS flickr page.  

Garden Work Day

Thank you to everyone who came out on Sunday, September 29th to help beautify the Byrd Memorial Tree Garden. A special thanks to the volunteers from Asbury United Methodist Church and to the members of our National Junior Honor Society who helped trim trees, pull weeds, sand picnic tables, refurbish the pond area, and paint various areas that were in need of an update. The garden and grounds look beautiful! 

First Fine Arts Night a Great Success!

Thank you to all of our parents, students, teachers, and administrators who participated in the Fine Arts Night on Tuesday, September 23rd! There were students flying catapults, walking robots, drawing faces, learning math, performing parts, and playing instruments. What a great night! If you missed it this time around, keep an eye out for information about our next night on November 13th.

STEM Exploratorium

On Tuesday, September 9th, forty of our 7th and 8th grade girls attended STEM Exploratorium -- Tulsa's new Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Fair for middle school students. Part Science Fair, part Career Fair, and part Engineering Fair, the event is designed to inspire future scientists!  We want to thank the local businesses that provided these activities for our students. The Tulsa World article about the STEM Exploratorium included a quote from our very own Michaela Moffatt! 


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